It’s the question we all ask each other automatically, “So, what do you do?” ...

Our mission will continue to grow and evolve, but Calypso Equestrian was founded with one simple goal in mind:
to create more kindness in the equestrian community.

We saw a need for a shift in the culture, with more connection between riders and horses, and more collegiality between different barns... We saw a need for a higher standard of integrity in horse sales ... and an opportunity for trust to be built between the non-profit sector and the competitive equestrian industry ...We saw horses with incredible potential, but in need of TLC... and we saw horse lovers of every age and every level of experience who were longing for a more accepting way to grow as horsewomen, horsemen and equestrians... they were longing to come together, as a team. .

So here we are! This is YOUR team.

Calypso represents the passion that unites us all, across different disciplines, demographics, locations, aesthetics... different barns and trainers and facilities... we love horses, and we want the best for our horses.

Calypso members are simply equestrians who believe, create and radiate positivity into this lifestyle and sport that we all love so much.... we are dedicated to giving our horses the very best care... and we will always lift each other up as riders, horse lovers and members of the equestrian community. .

We may each have different goals, different barn colors, different horse breeds etc.... but we can unite in kindness, awareness, honesty, integrity, collegiality and generosity.

These are things we can share. .

The equestrian industry can be a very competitive place...but as a non-profit, we are not in competition with other barns in the community... In fact, we would LOVE to see you be successful in your business and all equestrian pursuits, and bring more joy and more goodness to all the people and horses around you ... if you love horses, we already love you.

We encourage you to reach out and connect with us in Northern California... We will be glad to meet you at your barn, with complementary horse treats, and find out more about “what you do”!

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